Value Proposition


Most importantly, the investors who have entrusted us with their capital understand that great companies, and therefore shareholder returns, are created over the long term — not merely over the course of a year or two. Further, we appreciate success is a game of endurance and perseverance, and understand that not everything goes perfectly all the time. The patience and flexibility afforded to us allows us to be true partners with portfolio companies and grow with them over time.

Value Add

At Lighthouse, we understand that no one solution meets the needs of every growing company. Our aim is to customize both the capital and operational support given to each company for its unique situation at any given point in time.

Operationally, we work tirelessly side-by-side with entrepreneurs, yet always maintain a respectful, supportive approach. We ensure never to confuse involvement with interference.

We provide assistance in nearly all aspects of an organization's development during its journey from entrepreneurial undertaking to world-class competitor, including:
  • Human Resources

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Operations

  • Finance

Need Gap Analysis, Position Detailing, Candidate Identification and Selection, Compensation Plan Assessment and ESOP Structuring, General Policies and Best Practices.

Market Opportunity Mapping (Domestic and Global), Sales Strategy and Execution, Brand Consultation and Communication, Media Planning, Digital Strategy, Extensive "Mystery Shopping"

Key Driver Analysis, Customer and Product Profitability Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Real Estate Identification, Capital Expenditure Analysis, Intellectual Property Guidance, Contract Negotiations, Acquisition Opportunity Assessment and Implementation, ERP Implementation, Global Best Practices for Corporate Governance

MIS Upgrade, Working Capital Analysis and Enhancement, Budget Preparation, Banking Relationships